Holly Jolly Christmas Tag! ♥

Hello! So I'm feeling rather Christmassy and I LOVE talking about Christmas so I thought I would do a post on some Christmas tags coming up to Christmas. The first one I'm doing is the Holly Jolly Christmas Tag! I tag everybody to do it, if you want! If you do it please let me know in the comments and send me your link so I can have a read of your answers. 

Holly Jolly Christmas Tag! ♥

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?
I love watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas! I think that movie is so Christmassy and funny. We have watched it every Christmas eve and it has become our little tradition. 

2. Are you on the naughty list or the nice list this year?
I am on that nice list this year! I am a pretty good person, I'm very mature and wise and do good things in life. 

 3. What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?
That would be Enrique Iglesias tickets. I love him and have been in love with his music for a long time. So when I received the tickets at Christmas I cried and was over the moon. Best present I have ever had! He also made this year for me by replying and following me on twitter on the 15/11/13 :D

4. Have you ever had a white Christmas?
I live in the UK and we hardly get snow around Christmas. Where I live we always get snow in the new year. I don't remember the last time it actually snowed on Christmas day or eve, but I think there was left over snow on the ground one Christmas day. 

5.Where do you spend Christmas day?
I spend my Christmas day at home with my Mum and Dad and kitties! I love spending it at home with my family because I love being with them at this time of year and appreciating them and just having a lovely Christmas time together. I have spend Christmas with extended family and that is lovely too! But normally its at home. 

6.What is your favourite Christmas song?

I love most of the Christmas songs so its hard to pick just one song. I do love Merry Christmas everybody by Slade and Proper Crimbo by Bo Selecta. 

7. Do you open presents on Christmas eve or Christmas day?
Christmas eve we get to open 1 present which is Pj's for that night and some chocolates to enjoy while watching movies. We open are actual presents Christmas morning. 

8. What Christmas tradition are you looking forward to the most this year?
I look forward to Christmas eve the most! we have our tradition on that night and everything feels so magical and special and everyone is excited for the big day ( Christmas day ) What we do is have a relax half of the day because in the tea time we always go to a restaurant on Christmas eve so I get a bubble bath with a Christmas lush bath product ( always Christmas eve bubble bar ) Then get dressed up for the restaurant. When we come home from our meal we get into our new Pj's and watch Christmas movies together eating chocolates and drinking some wine. Then when it gets late I go up to bed and do any wrapping I need to do and check twitter and youtube and my mum and dad are still down stairs wrapping all my presents. Then we go to sleep and feel so excited that its impossible to sleep So I look forward to Christmas eve.

9. Do you stay in your Pj's for Christmas day or dress up?
Christmas day we relax in our Pj's! Its our tradition unless family visits or we go to family. Mostly we are at home in our pj's and its the best!
10. Is your Christmas tree white or green? ( or any other colour like pink)
Our Christmas tree downstairs is green with gold decorations and lights. My Christmas tree in my bedroom is pink with gold and pink decorations. I do want to change my bedroom Christmas tree to green because I think it looks more Christmassy.

11. Do you like coloured lights or white lights?
I love coloured lights even though in my house downstairs we have white! I think coloured lights look festive and I love seeing the different colours twinkle, it makes me feel like Christmas is here/coming.

12. Be honest! Do you like receiving or giving gifts on Christmas?

I think we all love receiving gifts at the lovely time! Its nice and full of excitement of the unknown gifts waiting for us to rip open. I also have to say I really enjoy giving gifts also! Its the feeling of going out to find the perfect gifts, wrapping them up, waiting for the big day were you can see the faces lit up when they receive your gifts and see their happiness and appreciation. I love opening gifts and receiving them, but I also love giving. 

13. When do you start your Christmas shopping? are you a late Christmas shopper?
I start to shop for the Christmas gifts the first weeks into December. I am never a last minute shopper, Christmas shopping is already a little stress trying to find the perfect gifts why make it worse and leave it till the last minute? I got to spend time with my Christmas shopping so I start in the beginning of December sometimes I do have 1 or 2 gifts to get like in the middle of December but I never am a late shopper :-)
14.Are you a pro present wrapper or fail?
I fail. I am awful at wrapping even when people show me how to wrap nice, I can never get it looking neat. I am so awful at it that one year I wrapped my mum's gift as a sweet wrapper ( Its a great way to hide what the gift actually looks like ) It was like this picture...

15. Do you wish you didn't find out the truth about Santa?
I do yes! It took that magic away and that special feeling about Christmas eve. Even though Christmas is so magical and special without that belief, I think it just made Christmas feel wonderful. 

16. What is your best thing on your plate when your ready to eat your Christmas dinner?

I love our Christmas dinner, My Dad cooks a gorgeous meal! I would say the Turkey is the best thing on my plate because its the one thing you only eat on Christmas day. 

17. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? ( NO google! )
I only remember a few... Dasher, Prancer, Dixion, Rudolf ahh that's all I can remember. 

18. When you dress up for Christmas what is your makeup look that you love to do for Christmas?
I love to do, smoky eye shadow like brown, or bronze with a red glossy lipstick. I think that just looks very winter with the smoky eyes and Christmas with the red glossy lips. 
19. What Christmas treat do you enjoy to eat?
I like to eat the Christmas Santa's. They look so cute and every time I see one in a store I always want one! The chocolate tastes yummy! 

20. What Christmas decoration do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the lights more than anything else because I love looking at the twinkle lights and I love seeing the lights on other houses, it looks so pretty and when Christmas is gone I miss the lights so much. 

21. What makes Christmas so special for you?
The feeling of Christmas when it comes closer. Spending time with my family and giving and receiving gifts. This time of year is very Jolly and magical and I love seeing the people I love happy :)
So that is the Holly Jolly Christmas tag! If your struggling getting into the Christmas Spirit you should try and do this tag, I promise you it will get you into the Christmas mood and make you feel warm and fuzzy. 

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  2. This is such a great idea kimmy! I love it :)

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    1. Thank you, let me know if you have done it, I would love to read your answers xx

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