Lush Christmas Eve bubble bar + Cinders bath bomb review ♥

I used up two Lush products recently the Christmas Eve bubble bar and the Cinders bath bomb! Here are my thoughts on them...

Christmas Eve bubble bar.

I crumbled this bubble bar under running water which was easy and dissolved quickly and the first thing that hit me was the smell of this bubble bar it is a night time scent, slightly floral with some lavender/jasmine. It changed my water colour, baby blue then a greeny blue which was perfect because I love my water changing colour. Then the bubbles were forming and WOW they were great! They were big bubbles and felt soft and playful. Also they lasted a long time, I spend a long time in the bath and the bubbles never faded, they stayed the same. My water had a pretty irredescent glitter which made me feel girly, the glitter does not stick to the bath tub or my skin so that is a plus! When I was in my bath I felt very relaxed, with the calming scents and the soft bubbles and when I got out of the bath, I was ready to sleep! I loved this and recommend it 100%!!!!

Cinders Bath Bomb.
I was super excited to use this, for the sounds lush promises it will have! This bath bomb has pop rocks init so some crackles and pops are claiming to happen. My bath was filled and I plonked this bath bomb in the water and watched it fizz out. I could straight away smell the scent of this bath bomb, Cinnamon and spicy! I was listening to the water hoping for some sounds and I did!!!! Snap, Crackle and pop was happening in my bath it was fantastic. My water changed to an orange colour which was OK, I did not notice any moisturizing, milky water but that is not a problem since it does not claim to do so but I thought it would of been extra special if it did! My bath smelt so warm and spicy and I felt as if I was in a living room listening to a crackling fireplace it was lovely. I recommend and love this bath bomb oh so much. 

  1. I love Lush!!! I'm just sad that I don't have a bath tub anymore :( I cant enjoy emany flower bombs or anything :( lovely blog btw.


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