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Greasy hair be gone!
Don't you just hate it when you have washed your hair and styled it and it looks pretty, 2nd day comes and its greasy!!! I know I hate that, but what I am going to share with you is a way where you can train your hair to not become greasy as quick. I recommend giving it a full week without washing your hair, if you have never done this before. This is so your hair can go a full week without stripping the natural oils from your hair, so it wont be producing any oils. If you have done this before and you continue doing so, I recommend giving it 5 days. This gives your hair 5 days without stripping any oils from it and gives it enough time to train your hair to go without washing for a few days. All you need to do is try and not wash your hair for a week or 5 days and let your hair relax from producing them natural oils you have been stripping away. This will trigger something in your hair that will make it stop producing oils so quickly, so greasy hair is gone for a couple more days longer. It will be hard for some people to not wash your hair for that amount of time, but I am going to share ways that will make it easier.

Shower Caps!
You still have to shower or have a bath when doing this training for your hair. So what I suggest is wearing a shower cap when doing so. I clip my hair up on my head and then put the shower cap on. This is easier and makes the hair more safe and secure. 

Dry Shampoo is your BFF!
This will be your savior for the week your training your hair. I use the batiste dry shampoo but I would not use this on day 2 or 3 I would use it near the last 2 days of the week because dry shampoo will build up and you will have to wash your hair or it will leave a noticeable white cast if you use it at the beginning of the week. So to keep your hair looking not as dirty use a little bit of dry shampoo. Also when you have done the week without washing your hair, use dry shampoo instead of washing on the 2nd day if it starts to become greasier. 

Clip your hair up and out of your face.
While training your hair it is important that your hair is out of your face. Your hair will get dirty and you don't want that touching your face, plus it looks less dirty and noticeable if your hair is clipped away from your face. Keep your hair up in a bun, or bobble or clamp and maybe tease it a little bit. Hats or headbands are good too!

Go one day longer!
If you can, try to go that one day longer when it comes to washing your hair. After you have trained your hair and your back to washing your hair every other day. Try and stretch that out and go one day longer this will be a mini train for your hair to go that one day longer without producing any oils. Use dry shampoo if you need to, but going that one day longer is going to make a difference.

Do the week training 2 or 3 times each month.
Doing this one time is not going to train your hair enough. You have to keep doing it to really teach your hair and train it to not get greasy as quick. So I recommend doing the whole week without washing 2 or 3 times each month, depending on how quick your hair gets greasy. 

So that is my quick tip for you! I know genetics play apart in it too, some people just have much more greasier hair than others but I do think you can stretch that by not washing it as often and training your hair to not produce them oils. This is worth doing, it will be help to you if you have hardly any time on your hands or your going on a vacation or school or work. I hoped this helped and please leave me a comment telling me your thoughts, tips and if you have done this. Byeeeee :D Xxx

  1. I might try this! xox

  2. Wow not sure I could go that long without washing my hair, I would be crawling walls x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. That makes sense actually.

  4. I wash my hair after 4 days, sometimes I can go another day, it all depends how I feel, very good tips there Kim x

  5. This is really useful for me! I have very oily hair, I will try this!

    1. Aw good good! thanks for stopping by xx

  6. Great blog. I really love your blog... my advice, don't change a single thing, keep up the good work Kimmy! :) Your blog is definitely a joy to read and I love this post on greasy hair. I think i'll keep this in mind ;)


    1. aw thank you so much for the kind words!! Im so glad you like my blog and this post <3 Xxx


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