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I went shopping to Lush, bought a lot and came home with a big bag and all I can say to that is... I love taking baths with pampering and fun products to use, Me and Lush have been besties for years, Their Christmas products are out which are my favorite and always purchase at Christmas season, I used up all my Lush and needed to buy more to start up a new stash so that is what I did! Who needs to justify it anyway? Its lush duh!

One of my favorite posts to read and to write about are Lush, So I had to write a post on what I bought from lush. 

* disclaimer the pictures are off the LUSH website because mine are in the packages so I can't take pictures sorry! *

Bubble Bars:
I will start off with the bubble bars I bought. For those that don't know, a bubble bar is a solid bubble bar, you break off a piece and crumble it under running water and it makes the best, frothiest, biggest bubbles that lasts until you want to get out of the bath. I love the bubble bars more than anything else from Lush...

The Comforter.  
This is an old favorite of mine, Every time I shop at lush I always buy one. I have gone through a bunch of these I just adore them! Lush's bubble bars are mostly small-ish and lasts about 3 baths which is still good but the Comforter is a huge chunk of product that you can break off into 5 maybe 6 pieces so it lasts longer than the others. The Comforter is the perfect name for this bubble bar because it smells very comforting and sweet, its the type of bath product you want when you want to come home after a ruff day and comfort yourself in your bath tub. It also looks girly and pretty, its pink and has a white swirl in the middle. I loves it and can't wait to be in a comforting bath. 

Christmas Eve bubble bar.
Another oldie of mine. This is the perfect bubble bath bar for Christmas eve, I used it last Christmas eve and I will be using this Christmas eve. I think because of the name it makes me feel like I want to use it on Christmas eve, and then the smell also makes me want to use it on that night because it has Jasmine and Ylang Ylang so that right there is your calming properties so it will sooth me and relax my mind a little bit ( because I am super excited for the next day ). The way it looks is quite cute, with the blue sky and yellow moon and speckles of glitter. 

Bath bombs:
Now all the bath bombs I bought from Lush. The way they work is, its a solid ball that you pop in the whole product in your bath and watch it fizz, at the end of the fizz your bath will have a surprise init. It depends on what bath bomb you buy, you might get rose petals or glitter, or a milky moisturizing water, or different colours. So its a nice surprise and very fun to enjoy...

Cinders Bath bomb.
I got this last Christmas and LOVED it so much, I bought it this year. This smells Christmas! Its Cinnamon, spicy and very warming. When you pop it in the bath it crackles and pops as it has popping candy in it so it sounds like a crackling fire place which is wintery and Christmassy. 

Dragons Egg bath bomb.
This is not a Christmas product, they have this all the time. I tried it, loved it, bought it again! It smells very Sherbet and Citrus to me, it has Jasmine and Lemon oils init. I would use this for energizing not so much relaxing. This is a fun bath product to use, it gives your bath a firework of colours and sounds like cracks and pops and then leaves it with a shimmery gold water. Excited to see all the colours and sounds when I use this!

 Luxury Lil Lush Pud bath bomb.
This is one I have never tried before ( finally right? ) This caught my eye because of the Christmas Holly Design and then all the spots of colours. I sniffed it and it smells very relaxing and sort of like a Christmas cake. It has Lavender oils and Ylang Ylang so this is perfect for a soothing bath before bed. I'm excited to see if my bath is colourful because of the spots of colours it has, or what surprise this bath bomb has :D I will let you know when I have tried it... 

Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb.
I love this, its so cute! Cute name and cute design. It smells of Lavender and Chamomile which yet again is very soothing and relaxing. If you can't tell i love me some relaxing scents and baths! It has a baby blue colour and designed as a robot ( adorable ) When I used this it was pretty calming and soothing, and left my bath baby blue colour! 

Shower Gel:
I bought one shower gel from Lush, because I have so many bath and shower gels already that I don't really need any more but I couldn't resit...

Snow Fairy Shower Gel.
Snow Fairy is popular every Christmas and every Christmas I hope it still comes out! It smells of sweets, treats and Yummy things. I can't stop smelling it, its very fruity and yum it just smells like sweet bubble gum. ( that rhymed ha ) It is pink and has blue iridescent glitter at the bottom which makes it look so girly and pretty! if you into fruity and sweet smells you will LOVE this! 
That is everything that I bought from Lush. If you have never bought from Lush please go and try something because it's truly lovely and they have the nicest, sweetest staff in there! 
If you want to purchase any LUSH items here is the UK website 

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    1. glad your a fan of snow fairy too! xx

  2. I love Lush and the Christmas Eve bubble bar as you know Kim hehe but you got some lovely items there to pamper yourself with enjoy! :) xxxxx

    1. I know, I'm looking forward to enjoying them in my bath xx

  3. snow fairy is my fav, wish they had it all year round, usually I get the gift set off the boys for xmas, but this year they got me a different one and it didn't have the bottle of snow fairy in it (sob) but it did have a snow fairy bubble wand (not tried it yet) it also has a shower gel called Rose jam - now I thought this is going to smell like jam etc but on opening and smelling it, it smells like Turkish delight which I love, its gorgeous. So Ive ordered some more bits from their online sale.

  4. The Comforter is my all time favourite ! It smells gorgeous. By the way, do you have bloglovin'? Maybe I'm just missing it haha but I couldn't see it on the sidebar. X


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