My Mascara collection + review! ♥

The other day I was looking through my mascara's and saw that I have a little bit of a collection. I also noticed I have mascaras that I have used and don't like so I thought I would share my mascara collection and tell you what I think of it, if I thumbs it up or thumbs it down. Enjoy.

* Disclaimer - All opinions are my own, and all products were purchased by me *

Maybelline Mascara's!

1. Pulse Perfection Vibrating mascara-
This mascara vibrates 7,000 times per stroke! I use it without the vibration first to coat my lashes and then I press down the vibration. Pressing down on the vibration while putting on your mascara can be a little awkward but with the vibration I like how it looks. They look pulled up and lots of volume and a little bit of length. The brush is thin but not to thin, just enough to grab all the lashes ( even the little ones). It does OK so I give this mascara a half thumbs up. 

2. The Rocket Volume Express Mascara.
I love the wand on this mascara. Maybelline has done a fantastic job! It keeps my lashes up with volume. The wand is slightly chunky but not to the point were you end up getting mascara over your lid or nose. My advice is wait until its dried up a little bit, I don't know why but when I first got this mascara it was to wet and I couldn't work with it. After letting it get a little dried up, I now can work with it fine! Thumbs up!

3. Mega Plush Volume Express Mascara.
I am unsure about this mascara. I feel the wand is to light and flimsy for me. The brush is to soft and stubby. It grabs my lashes and gives them length but not a lot and not a lot of volume. I would say if your running out the door to somewhere quick and your not wearing a lot of makeup then apply this! Half thumbs because at least it did some length. 

Soap and glory mascara!

Thick & Fast super volume mascara.
The wand is a nice size and has nice brushes BUT it does nothing for me! Its to dry + ends up clumping up my lashes. When I put the mascara back in the tube to pick up more product, the brush kept picking up clumps and it was going all over my lashes. I saw no ' super volume' not even a little bit of volume. I saw no length.Don't like this mascara thumbs down!

Rimmel Mascara!

 Day 2 night mascara. 
This mascara has a wand for Length, and a wand for Volume. So you can achieve two different looks by using one or the other or achieve fabulous long volumized lashes by using both of the wands. The Length wand gets all my lashes and gives them length without clumping. The volume wand pulls my lashes up and gives them great volume. The wands are not to thin or thick, They don't give me clumpy or spider lashes. The brush is soft but not to flimsy soft, gives great height and volume. Thumbs up!!

Benefit Mascara!

They're real Mascara.
I must be the only one who does not like this mascara!!! Its way to wet and messy even when I leave it to dry up. It clumps up my lashes and gives them NO volume just a little bit of length. I can't use it because its to wet to use and I end up getting it all over my lids and nose. The brush looks excellent but it does not help my lashes. Thumbs down!

L'Oreal mascara.

Telescopic mascara ( gold packaging )
I have left the best till last! Oh I love this mascara it is my holy grail mascara and I always recommend it to everyone. It has a thin brush which grabs every single lash. Its not to wet or to dry. It gives my lashes a ton of length and some volume. This mascara is more for length rather than focusing on the volume but it still gives good volume. For my lashes I need the length more than big volume so that is why this mascara is great for me.  I repurchase this mascara when I have used it up and will continue repurchasing it. BIG thumbs up!!!!

That is my little mascara collection/review. I hope I was not repetitive but when talking about mascara's there is only so much you can say and only so much you look for right? I hope you had a good read and please tell me some mascara's you use/hate. 

  1. I don't think the soap and glory one is anything special either and they're real does make my lashes clump but I do still wear it occasionally. My favourite is Boujoirs clubbing mascara

    Carrieanne xx

    1. Ah I am so glad you feel the same about they're real I felt as if I was the only one with negative points towards it hah! Oh I will have to have a look at that boujiors :) thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Replies
    1. It works for some people, most people do like it. Just not for me I guess. thanks for stopping by xox

  3. I'm still undecided on the They're Real mascara, I just think it doesn't give the right look for me, but it sure does stay on all day! I usually use Rimmel's Scandaleyes or YSL's Faux Cils :)


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