Battle of the Powders - Collection VS Rimmel! ♥

I decided to do a battle of the powders Collection VS Rimmel. I like them both but have made a discovery and opinion about them both and how this will work is I will make positive and negative points about each powder and then I will round the powders off with a conclusion and then I let you know what powder in my opinion is the winner. I hope you enjoy and please let me know what powder you pick to win! 

The Collection Pressed Powder: 

Positive Points:

  1. The scent from this powder is lovely. A sweet baby powder scent just like the good old fashion powder scents. The scent has not irritated my skin at all but I know scents do irritate some people so be aware of that. I love makeup that smells real nice so this is a bonus. 
  2. Excellent pigmentation. I can wipe my finger over the powder and I pick up a lot of the product. I need that pigmentation because the powder is light and fine but you get a lot of it, a little bit goes a long way.
  3. It is very soft and leaves my skin feeling soft. The powder has a silky feel to it, so when you apply it and after you have applied it your skin feels smooth.
  4. Its more of a matte powder, No sparkles or glitter. So it does not make oily skin worse.

Negative points:
  1. My makeup does not set well with this powder. I find I have places on my face that don't look set with powder even though I have used it. So basically its not doing what it should! 
  2. It does not last very long. My makeup is out of place and I am oily within 2 to 3 hours which is madness for a powder. 
  3. It creases like crazy. This powder settles in my creases under my eyes and makes me look 10 years older which is such a bad thing because you want  your under eye concealer smooth without settling into your creases.
  4. It does not keep my skin matte. I get oily even easier with this powder, the oil creeps in after 2 hours or less sometimes.
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder:

Positive Points:
  1. It lasts ALL day long I mean all day, I can apply this say at 9:00AM, do a full day of things and by 9:00PM when I am ready to take my makeup off, this powder has lasted that long. No movement and no need to re apply.
  2. Keeps the oil away. As I have said I have oily skin/ dry but mostly oily and this powder keeps that oil from creeping in and by the end of the day im not a greasy mess. It does do what it says, Keeps your face matte! 
  3. It does not crease in any fine lines and sets my under eye concealer really well. 
  4. I have noticed since using this powder that my nose pores are not as clear and I read the back of the powder and it does claim to do so, so that is also very good that it does what it says.
Negative Points:
  1. It is not at all pigmented. Oh this drives me crazy because I have to keep going in with my brush to pick up the powder!!!
  2. I know it is a matte powder but its way to dry, It does not feel soft or even a tiny but moist which I like to have in a powder because I have combination skin.
Collection powder has a lovely scent and amazing pigmentation but does not do the things it should like keep my makeup in place and last more than 2 hours.
The Rimmel powder lasts all day and keeps my skin matte so it does everything it claims to do but the pigmentation is poor and it feels a dry powder.

I have to say The Rimmel Stay matte powder.

  1. I love the Rimmel Stay matte too I love the feel of it on my face and Feel its the perfect setting powder

    Carrieanne xx

    1. Am glad you like the rimmel one aswell. I don't really feel it on my face if am honest but it is a great powder. xx

  2. Tried the Collection but not the Rimmel. Think I'll give it a go after reading your post. Thanks :) x

    1. Oh good let me know how you like it :') do you like the collection?x

  3. great post kim u inspire me to do more as I wouldn't have a blog if it wasn't for you supporting me and encouraging me thank you :) you are fabulous and so is your blog!! xxx

  4. i use the rimmel one too, it's amazing for the price!!x


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