6 products I can't live without tag!♥

Hello everyone.  Today I am going to do the 6 Products I can't live without tag. This tag has been around for a while but I have never done it so I am doing it finally! If you have not done this tag I tag everyone, your all tagged by me leave your links in the comments so I can have a read. Basically you pick 6 beauty products that you really adore and use all the time and could not live without them. So I am going to go through mine...

Philosophy Purity Cleanser.

I am OBSESSED with this face wash, I have mentioned it before on my blog so many times. I can't go a day without washing my face with it, because my skin would feel yuck. This is a one step facial cleanser, It removes bacteria and dirt, Takes away every speck of makeup including eye makeup since its also claims to be an eye makeup remover and PH balances so its not necessary to use a toner afterwards but you still can if you want to. This makes my skin feel amazingly clean when I use this, I have now gone through tons of samples and 2 big bottles of this I am that in love with it. Could not imagine not having it in my life!

Sleek Blushes.

These have been my go to blushes for a while now. I have four of them already and I only discovered them a couple of months ago. These are highly pigmented, gorgeous colours and amazing lasting wear, They also give off a gorgeous highlight right ontop of the cheekbones. The colours I have right now are...

Life's a peach

Pixi Pink

Rose Gold
Mirrored pink

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction fragrance.

I spray this on me at least once a day because I am that in love with how gorgeous it smells. The notes are red plum and freesia. It smells so sweet and so fruity but also slightly warm. It lasts a long time, even sometimes I still smell it on me the next morning. I can never get sick of the scent and I can never live without the scent.

The Balm MaryLouManizer. 
This highlight is so beautiful, I wear it everyday as a highlight and sometimes as an eyeshadow. Its a champagne golden shimmer highlight that sits perfectly onto the skin. It feels very silky and soft and wears well. A little bit goes a long way because its so pigmented. 

Batiste dry shampoo. 
Everyone knows this dry shampoo its extremely popular. I can't live without this dry shampoo so I had to mention it in this post. I love the scents of almost all of them, they make my hair feel less oily and it does not dry my hair/scalp which some dry shampoo's have made my scalp very dry. It soaks up all the oil very quickly and gives amazing volume. Sometimes it will leave a slight white cast if I don't apply the brunette one but with a brush and rub in it goes away. 
Urban Decay Naked Palette.
I use this palette every single day, even if I am not doing a full look with all the colours in the palette there will be one or two colours that I use from it every time I do my eye makeup. Its so so pigmented so this palette is lasting me a long time. The eye shadows don't crease up on me, or fade away. Some fall out but not a lot when applying them. Love this palette!!!!!!

So that is the 6 beauty
products I can't live without...
Please tell me yours and I am sorry if the pictures are not that great, need a new camera  asap! but I tried my best for now. 
  1. I love Sleek blushers, I always have Suede with me x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Oh I'll have to check that colour out, haven't seen that one! thanks for stopping by :) xx

  2. Great tag post Kim!! I love the MaryLouManizer its so nice.oh and the sleek blushes are fab :)

    1. Thank you, They are fab products, You should do this tag :') xx


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