Review: NYX Diamond Sparkle Lip-glosses + NYX Lipstick. ♥

Hey Everyone! I have a mini review from NYX. For Christmas I received the NYX Diamond lip glosses and a lipstick , I got four of the lip glosses and one lipstick and I have had them since Christmas so I have formed a opinion on them and wanted to share it. 

NYX Diamond Lip glosses.

These glosses are fully pigmented and full of sparkle! The sparkle is not chunky, so you don't feel any grit or chunky glitter. They go on smoothly and last for a couple of hours without re applying. The pigment is not to heavy but not to light. Its pigmented enough to do your lips with one application. I would not say they are moisturizing but they don't dry your lips out so its just a smooth gloss which is nice. The applicator is very easy, and is slightly bent which I love because it makes the application less messy and you can get in your lips better than a normal applicator. They have gorgeous colours that show off really well, The colours I have are...

Red Sparkle : This is like a Christmassy red, Not to strawberry and not to dark, the golden sparkles bring a Christmassy feel to your lips and make it look lighter. 

Pink Sparkle: This is a barbie pink, with silver sparkles. 

Paprika Sparkle: This is more of a burnt red colour with gold,pink and silver sparkles.

Plum Sparkle: This colour is more of a metallic plum with gold sparkles. 

NYX lipstick

I love the NYX lipsticks they are very creamy and very pigmented. They last a few hours without bleeding or fading. This lipstick that I have has a slight shine to it but not much so its not completely matte. These lipsticks do not dry my lips out, they are soft and slightly moisturizing. 

Narcissus: This colour is a barbie pink and would be lovely with the diamond gloss pink sparkle. 

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