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 My Lush Reviews.

Lush and me have been friends for years now. I love the scent of everything including the store! You can always smell a lush shop when your coming near to one. That sweet bath time scent hits you and you have fallen in love. Lush is the one place I can guarantee you will have a nice shop, the staff are the nicest staff ever! So helpful and polite, they don't pester you either they just are their guiding you and offering any help. I congratulate Lush for having amazing staff and excellent bath time treats. So anyway enough rambling on about my love for Lush and on to the reviews.

Ickle Baby Bot- £1.50
This little cutie caught my eye, I saw how adorable it looked and then smelt it and had to buy! This smells of lavender and chamomile, very soothing. I ran the bath water and dropped it in, It turned my water a nice baby blue and my tub smelt amazing! After the Ickle baby bot fizzed out, it left my water very milky and my skin so smooth. This makes a perfect bath time treat if you are wanting to sooth yourself of a night. I think the baby bot is so cute and the smell is very relaxing. The way it left my water made me feel very moisturized. I think this would be a nice little bath time for little ones, sooth them before bed and moisturize their skin. Its also perfect for stressed out teens or adults. Everyone should have it :)

Ickle Baby Bot
Blackberry Bath Bomb- £2.95
I have used this before and loved it,I bought it again. When I put it in the bath, it always seems to make me happy. why? well for a start the smell of it is my type of scent, fruity and very sweet. Then when it fizzes out my bath is a deep purple colour and feels silky like I am having a bath in silk. I spot a piece of paper floating around in the bath and it says " boom boom" the first time I seen this I was giggling for a while, how funny it was that your relaxing in your bath and you find something like that, it tickled me! If your not a lover of fruity scents that is ok, because its not to overpowering. Great bath bomb, makes me happy and my skin feels smooth.

Blackberry Bath Bomb
Comforter Bubble Bar- £4.25
The name fits perfect for this bubble bar, it is very comforting. You crumble this in running water and it makes the best, frothiest bubbles. The smell is very sweet and fruity but not to overpowering. You get a big chunk of it and it lasts a couple of baths. The bubbles are soft and very playful. if your like me and you like to pull the bubbles apart you know what I am talking about when I say playful. The bubbles stayed in the bath even until I was ready to get out. My water turned a pink cloudy colour and the smell lingers. I did not notice any difference in my skin but I didn't need to, the smell and the feeling of it done well. It made me feel calm and comforted, which everyone needs to feel on them pampering nights!
lush comforter bubble bar
Bubble gum Lip Scrub- £5.25
I don't normally buy lip scrubs but this time I had to, I took a sniff of this one and wow I had to just dip in my purse and purchase. This is a lip scrub that exfoliates gently and takes the flakes off your lips and the best part its lickable! So you can buff it in your lips and then enjoy the taste. I certainly enjoy the taste of this, it tastes like candy floss. Very sweet and lovely. My lips feel soft and moisturized when I do this. Even though the price is high for a lip scrub its so yum you cant say no.
Bubblegum lip scrub
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  1. I love lush to, not tried some of the above like the Ickle bot, but it sounds lovely, I do have the bubblegum lip scrub, cos I got that from one of the xmas gift boxes -which reminds me I must go in search of it cos Ive not used it for awhile. I love Snow fairy shower gel, its gorgeous but its only out at xmas, I make a point of buying enough in the sales to last me for months. I could stay in that shops for ages cos it smells so good :)

    1. I know it all smells so nice. I love snow fairy the xmas line are all so nice. cant wait to go shopping for xmas lush stuff haa! :)xxx

  2. Great post Kimmy :-) The blackberry bath bombs sound amazing; must try.

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Thank you!! Yes It is worth a try :) xxx

  3. I want to try the Lush lip scrub soo bad. It'll be my very first purchase from Lush! I'm your newest follower, by the way. Stop by my blog sometime xx

    1. Its so yum, you should try it. Aw thanks hunny. I will come and say Hi on your blog. xx


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