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Christmas is around the corner and I am one of those people that LOVE shopping for gifts! BUT sometimes I walk into a shop and walk out with nothing because I have no clue what to get people when I say people I am talking about the girls. So I thought there must be others out there that are the same and get a little clueless or stuck on what to buy so as you can tell by the title this is my top 10 gifts to buy for girls!!! :D

1. Perfume or body splashes.
I am a lover for perfume and smelling amazing so I had to put this as my first one. Always make sure you know what scent whoever your buying for likes. For me that is sweet, fruity and sometimes a little musk/spice. Sometimes I like to wear a body splash then a perfume, or just a body splash so that is also a great gift if your not feeling confident to pick a perfume.
The 3 perfect perfume gifts I would pick?

Thierry mugler alien

White musk smoky rose

Victoria's secret pure seduction

2.Makeup Palette.
If the women your buying for has a thing for makeup and eye shadows, then a makeup palette is a gift you should buy. If the women your buying for wears eye shadow but not heavy then try a nude, warm toned palette. If she likes color and POP and Wow try bright colors, colorful and glitter!
These palettes I recommend for any girl who loves makeup...
The top 3 palettes I would pick as a gift?

Nude Tude  by the Balm

Naked Urban Decay

urban decay vice 2

3. Skincare.
Depending on the age, skin type of the girl your buying for skincare is a fantastic gift to buy. I have combination skin so I love anything that will help and sooth oily spots and to hydrate my skin. These products are worth buying...

Purity 3-in-1 cleanser by Philosophy 

Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with avocado oils

Kiehl's midnight recovery oil

4. Books.
For the book lovers, why not grab a book for a gift? I know I have asked for books for Christmas. I am picking young adult books because that is what I read. The top three books I recommend is...

the white queen by philippa gregory

 Don't sweat the small stuff for women by Kristine Carlson. 

Matched by Ally Condle. 

5. Candles
I love candles, bath time, bed time any time you can enjoy lighting a candle and relaxing. I can't really recommend any candles because I just buy any that smell good. I can recommend the magic colour changing candle that is AMAZING! I use it in the bath and wow the mood it sets, makes you so soothed.

6. Bath and shower. 
Bubble baths and shower gift sets are always something I recieve on birthday's and christmas. I normally buy other people LUSH I just think they do amazing gift sets for any price range your looking to spend and everything is so yum! I recommend...

Christmas eve bubble bar

The comforter 

Blackberry bath bomb

7. Pj's, slippers, fluffy socks or bath robe.
Who does not get a pair of pajamas on Christmas? I get mine on Christmas eve and so does my mum and dad its a tradition open one present on Christmas eve which is pajamas to cosy in with a Christmas DVD ( getting excited thinking about it ) AND you need some fluffy socks to walk in around the house when its cold. So pajamas for yourself ;), slippers for your nan, fluffy socks for your sister and a bath robe for your mum! sorted!

8. Mugs.
Someone in your family has to love tea or coffee or a hot drink and would love a new mug! I know my Dad loves his mugs so this is a great gift idea for him. ( even though he has so many) I love the mugs that has funny sayings on, so in a morning you can drink out of your mug that will make you giggle. Or ones that go with the persons personality mine is makeup...

9.Hand creams or body butters/lotions.
Winter time gives us dry skin on our hands so we need that hand lotion ( idea for a perfect gift for someone older) I think its a lovely gift when someone buys you hand cream, or body lotions makes me feel like they know me so well ( girly side/pampering) I recommend...

L'occitane hand cream

Laura mercier body lotion

Vaseline cocoa butter body lotion

10. Chocolates and Wine!!!
Christmas is not complete without chocolates and a nice drink!!!!!! 

So I hope my girls Christmas gift guide was helpful, please leave your suggestions in the comments I am in need of some ideas :D Xx

  1. These all are great Christmas gift ideas Kim :) well done xx I love the White musk smoky rose :p xxxx

    1. Thank you! I would love one of the mugs for Xmas ;) hehe. Im glad you love the smoky rose it suits you very well xx

  2. Perfume and make-up are always a perfect gift for girls at Xmas. x

  3. Lovely ideas! Might have to steal some :P
    I keep hearing about smoky rose, so I'll have to give it a sniff :)

    1. hehe thank you. Steal as many as you want, Yes you should my mum LOVES it. Its much sweeter and womanly than the original white musk xx

  4. All these gifts are definitely something that I'd like xx
    Pearl | Pearluxe Beauty and Lifestyle

    1. You have very good taste in gifts then hehe!! thanks for stopping by :D Xxx

  5. Some fab ideas there Kim, especially the wine, lol Now Victoria's secret is a must, that shop is gorgeous, wish they had one here in Liverpool. The magic colour changing candle sounds good, where can I get one from as never heard of it.

    1. Thank you Carol! Can't have Xmas without some wine right? hehe. The colour changing candle can be bought at B+M or the internet :) xx

    2. thanks will have a look when Im in there, x

  6. Replies
    1. Me too! :) put them on your wish list for santa ;) hah xx

  7. Love the gift guide ideas you have here! The White Queen is a fantastic book! Highly recommended by me as well! The UD Naked Palette and Vice 2 are on my wishlist...but most likely I won't get them D:
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup


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