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Hello Hello! I have been collecting up samples from companies over the past weeks. I message companies that I love and ask if they could send me any samples for me to review on my blog. You do get knock backs but some companies are very kind and send out some samples for me to review and try out. You don't ask you don't get right? I have a few to review/blog about so here we go...

Starting with the company I have had a lot of samples from over the past months. I just want to say how much I love this company and Fiona the lady who emails me I appreciate her so much and I thank you for sending me out your products to review and try. 
Amazing Grace Shampoo, bath and shower gel.
This is a lovely scent, its very womanly and slightly floral. Its a bubble bath, Shower gel and shampoo which is very cool. I use this for bubble bath one night and it made very soft bubbles that lasted a while and made my bath smell soothing. When I used it for a shower gel it was very clean and hydrating for the skin. I have not used it as a shampoo because I got a sample size product but I am sure it will be amazing and keep my hair nice and fresh. 
Amazing Grace Body lotion.
I love how the amazing grace smells, its very girly and soothing. This lotion is very silky, when I applied it to my hand to try it out I noticed how it quickly dried into my skin as I was massaging it in. The smell is not to overpowering but does linger on the skin :) I love this 10/10 for me!!!! 
Amazing Grace Fragrance 
I then received the Amazing grace perfume, I love this scent to much I was so glad I got a sample of the perfume. Its very girly and floral, Some young girls might say it smells a little 'old ladyish' but I really like it and think it smells very girly. The scent lasts a couple of hours on my skin, So I was glad I did not have to re apply this for a few hours but even at the end of the day I could still smell it slightly on my clothes. 

Living Grace Fragrance. 
This is very different to the amazing grace, this is the opposite.  Its very fresh and masculine it would be perfect for out the shower morning fragrance. You can smell the musk but also some slight floral scent in there to keep it girly. I like this but I would not purchase it for myself since I am more fruity, girly scents like the amazing grace but for someone who does like the fresh and musk scents I would buy. 
Thank you again Fiona I love your company and love reviewing your products.

I asked Eylure to send me out some eye lashes because I have seen them around shops and have wanted to try them. I received a quick email back and they approved my blog and sent me out a pair of lashes ( YAY) I received the lashes very quickly in the post and I was so happy with them. They are not to big or to natural they are everyday type lashes. I wore them to go shopping and I was getting compliments on how nice my lashes looked. They wore all day and did not pull any lashes out when I took them off I was so pleased at the lashes and how well they wore and looked. They are reusable too! 10/10 for me!!!!
Thanks Eylure <3
Kiss cosmetics.
I asked a company called Kiss cosmetics which they also approved my blog and sent me out some products to review. I received a pair of lashes which are GORGEOUS. They are full lashes very thick  for night time going out or to an occasion. I wore them to a restaurant and they lasted a while without coming off. I love how you also get a applicator in the box that is very handy and helpful. I also got nail wraps which I have never used till the other day. They are very easy to apply and stay on all day, They look like you have been to a salon. They say they last up to 10 days but I have not tried it for 10 days but I assume they would last that long because they was pretty strong on my nails. The last product I got was ImPress on nails in a deep dark pink. The colour of these nails are so pretty and they last a while. I was pleased how the lasted and how nice they made my hands look. I have had ImPress on nails before the french manicure and I loved them and how well they stayed on my nails for press on nails no glue! Overall I love kiss cosmetics company and was so pleased with the products I received thank you kiss!! 10/10 for me

The last company is Olay. I asked they approved and sent me out a Christmas gift ( how sweet!) I got a Olay Beauty Fluid Limited Edition Design. 
The first thing was the packaging. How pretty and girly it was and would look gorgeous on a beauty shelf in your bedroom. I applied it to my face after I cleansed and was ready for my moisturiser. I applied a small amount onto my hands and massaged it into my face, It was very silky and hydrating. It smelt so nice, very sweet and girly suits the packaging. It makes my skin feel soft and looks very moisturised. I love this and so glad I have a 200ml bottle of it, thank you Olay for my Christmas gift 10/10 for me!!!

Thats all my products done!! Thank you to all the companies that have sent me products to review I love trying and testing and reviewing products :D
MakeupWithKimmy xo
  1. I love the Eylure lashes, definitely one of my favourite brands for lashes x


    1. They are very good lashes! glad your a fan of them too! <3 x

  2. I really like the Olay beauty fluid and the Kiss lashes:) they look fab xxxx

    1. Olay beauty fluid is gorgeous and the kiss company is fab! <3 x

  3. I really want to try out eyelure false eyelashes, but I'm scared I'm going to be absolutely rubbish at applying them! xx

    1. Aw don't be scared hun! just do it, be bold <3 haha. The lashes are easy to apply x

  4. That's such a fantastic idea! Will help prepare you for the real world too when you get knocked down! I might try that myself. I've been using the Olay Beauty Fluid since I was a kid, my mum made me use it early on so my skin was healthy and it gives me a good canvas to work with. I've never had a single problem with it! Glad you enjoy using it!


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