Sleepy Time obsessions and my favourite kind of night ❤

Last night I had the lights out, candles flickering, my comfiest pyjamas on in bed all cosy reading a book. That got me thinking that these are the types of nights I look forward to the most. It just puts me right in a happy Zen kind of mood, just being snug and comfortable and I find I sleep well that night.  Speaking of being comfortable and sleeping I have two new sleepy time obsessions.I have trouble sleeping some nights and have gone a full night without sleep, I think I have a touch of insomnia. So I am all for finding something that will even help me feel soothed and sleep better so that is were my new favourite sleepy things come into it.  My first one is my new double bed!!! I am no longer sleeping in a single bed. For years I have been wishing I could sleep in a double bed and I finally got that wish. Now if you know that feeling of changing from a single to a double you know its the best feeling being in a big bed so you can spread out and have that space to yourself. I think its really helped my sleep, I sleep so much better and I just love my big bed :)

The next one is a sleep mask, I have been the type of person to hardly ever use sleep masks. I would get the ones you get in soap and bath sets and I would hang it on my bed but never really use it. Until I recently for my Birthday got one in a sanctuary gift set, Its silk purple and has gel beads inside that you can heat up or put in the fridge. Its very comfy and blocks all the light out, I am very strict with light when it comes to sleeping, all light has to be gone and this sleep mask does it! I also have a sleep mask from the beauty skin care company Philosophy I got it in a gift goody bag.Its black silk and is so comfortable to wear. 

The last one is I have been sleeping with a blanket. I know how old am I? but weirdly it has been the best thing to do when sleeping. Its so soft and cuddly, I get really cosy and soothed sleeping with the blanket. Its the best thing to cuddle with and I sleep so well. 

So this post was out of the blue and very random but last night being all soothed and cosy got me thinking of things I have and do to make my nights better. What is something you have or do? 

  1. I love having the lights out and candles lit, really relaxing xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I use a sleep mask, I used to think they were weird. I know this is going to sound silly but when my dad died I kept having nightmares etc and was having trouble sleeping, I hate the dark anyway and on waking after a nightmare I hated opening my eyes in case I saw something (don't know what, lol), anyway I decided to get a sleep mask as if I do wake up I cant see anything when I first open my eyes. Then I found that it also helped when I wanted a lie in or in the summer when it goes light early in the morning, now I never go a night without using it, unless Im drunk, lol Ive had quite a few sleep masks because over time the elastic stretches and then the mask wont stay on.

  3. Great post Kim <3 I like being all snug and warm in bed either on the laptop or watching tv or both lol candles and my blue LED lights on and I am all relaxed.
    I agree with Carol some sleep masks lose the elastic over time I rather sleep without one xxxx


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