My mums beauty blog.

Hello and thank you for stopping by!
I just need to spare 2 seconds from you, just to tell you about my mum's beauty blog.
My mum is called Dawn and she has a love for beauty ( like mother, like daughter ) She likes to do nail art, she has never ending nail varnish collection and is always finding new nail art designs. My mum has followed beauty YouTubers and I recently inspired her to do a blog, just getting her designs out there and reviews. So her blog is going to be more based around nail art but with beauty thrown in, so your getting the best of both worlds! 
Please come stop by her blog and give her a follow.
My mum is such a wonderful, warm hearted, strong and beautiful mum. She is my best friend and I love her so much! 

Here is her blog

Makeup with Kimmy ❤ xo
  1. Aww thanks Kim <3 I love you loads :) xxxx
    And a BIG thank you to your followers also :)


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