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Hey girls! I have a Philosophy review for you. I have been in love with the company and want to try everything, I got in touch with them and asked if they could send me any samples to review on my blog, I got a lovely yes from the amazing Fiona and I tried and reviewed them samples here is the link to that blog post A few days ago Fiona kindly sent me some more samples to review on my blog. I am so appreciative of her sending me things to try out and I thank you Fiona from the bottom of my heart! I'm over the moon to be working with your company reviewing your amazing products.
I tried the samples and wrote notes there an then, and before I knew it I was ready to do my reviews on my blog here we go...
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The Microdelivery Exfoliating facial wash. 
When I saw this in the parcel I received I was over the moon. I got sent this the first time I got samples of Philosophy and I did a review on them samples. 
I loved it, it gave my skin a great scrub it needed but not harsh. When I washed my face with this for a 2nd time I fell even more in love with it. It just gets the junk out of your face and makes it so soft and clean. There is no dry skin left, its all nicely and gently scrubbed. The scent was fine, just like a normal face wash ( to hard to describe sorry) It was very quick and easy to wash off and to apply.  My face felt like it had a deep little exfoliating wash which was nice. I recommend 100%. 

Hope in a jar night cream. 
When I saw this it was in a little tube not in a packet sample which was a nice surprise. When I saw the name of the product I got nervous because I already had a sample of the Hope in a jar cream and did not like the scent, it was so chemically and overpowering. To my surprise I actually enjoy using this tube of cream, there is NO scent to it I found which I was happy about. The cream was very creamy and a little thick which made a amazing moisturizer and this would be a great cream for people with dry skin because its not to thick but thick enough for a nice moisturizer. I liked how it dried in quick and a little bit went a long way I still have lots left in the tube. For a night time cream I think this is excellent I would happily buy this for someone or myself. It gives a nice feel to the skin, not greasy or to coated. I was impressed and recommend. 

Eye hope Eye Cream.
I was so excited to try out an eye cream from this amazing company. When I put it on my eyes the first thing was how thick it was. I thought to myself its to thick for an eye cream! It took forever to dry in and I was not impressed by the scent, it was a funny very weird not a scent I would put in an eye cream. It was that thick I even got my mum to try it out on her eyes and she said its way to thick and the scent was putting her off.  I am sorry to say this was not a good product for me. The scent and thickness was the biggest disappointment. On the other hand it did not irritate my eyes it was gentle so if you wanted to try this out it did not irritate mine or my mums eyes. So thats a good point about this eye cream. 

That is my review completed  I loved using the Exfoliating facial wash again and I was so happy I loved the hope in a jar night cream. So disappointed with the eye cream but never mind at least it did not irritate my eyeballs! Thank you again Fiona I am so grateful!! 
Makeup with Kimmy ❤ xo
  1. great reviews kim! I wanna try the Exfoliating facial wash :)

  2. Thanks for the recommendation on the facial wash; it sounds really good :-) It is hard to describe scents sometimes; your comment made us smile. Shame about the eye cream though. Thanks for sharing your review.

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. aw your very welcome girls! I know I get very muddled up with describing scents hehe! I am so glad my comment made you smile. I know I was disappointed about that eye cream but oh well! Xxx


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