Three products I am loving at the moment ❤

At the moment I am loving three products I want to share. They are all skin care because recently I have been more interested in skin care than other things. I am going through a faze of loving skin care and wanting to try all different products. Here is what I recommend and love at the moment...

Philosophy Purity Made Simple face cleanser.
Oh wow! I can't get enough of this. If you seen my blog posts you will know since I got samples of Philosophy I have been in love with the purity cleanser. My skin benefits so much from using this. Its very gentle even for eyes. It takes dirt and makeup off and cleanses my skin. It is a eye makeup remover cleanser and toner in one. Pretty cool huh?! Its formulated for all skin types, does not break me out or irritate my skin. It feels like heaven so silky and ahhh amazing I loves it. 

I seen this around youtube but never been that interested in it. Until I received it in this months BirchBox. I poured some onto a cotton pad, pressed it on my eyes for 10 seconds and wiped off my eye makeup. I was so surprised with how easy and quick my eye makeup came off with one wipe. Waterproof mascara gone. Eye Shadow gone. Eyeliner gone. All with one wipe-ONE WIPE!!! haha. Its just what I need, for days I want quick and easy makeup remover. Its so gentle too!

Johnson's Baby oil
Now we all know Baby oil is the gentlest thing you can buy so I thought about using it for my face, I have been using this nearly every night on my face and its made a difference in the feel and look of my skin. What I do is mix it with my night time moisturizer. It makes the smoothest moisturizer ever. Not greasy or to oily. It also calms down redness and makes my face feel soft and looks healthy. Try it with your moisturizer its amazing. ❤ The picture is off google since I am dosy and forgot to take a picture.
What have you been loving recently??!
Makeup with Kimmy ❤ xo

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