My wish list/things I want to buy.

 My wish list/Birthday list.
Its my Birthday month ( 29th) so I have a list of products I am wishing for so I thought it would be good to put it in a post. I would also like if anyone has any of the products I mention to tell me what they think of it. So here we go...

1. The Balm nude tude palette 
I have been eying this palette for so long now, since seeing it on many youtube videos! The palette has 12 beautiful, neutral colors. I would love to experiment with this palette and do different makeup looks. I love all the colors and wish to have it in my makeup collection!

The Balm nude tude palette

2.philosophy purity made simple.
Since getting this as a sample sent from Philosophy I have fallen in love with the cleanser. It felt so silky and my skin got such a great benefit from it. I don't know why I am not paying up £8.00 and grabbing it. So its on my wish/buy list.
philosophy purity made simple.

3.Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Reviews and videos have told me how great this cleanser is and me being addicted to skin care I feel I need to see and experience how great it is.
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

4.Laura Mercier’s Honey Bath
I am all for being pamped in the bath, this seems up my street! A honey scented bubble bath with shea Butter and Vanilla Extracts. Yes please! The packaging is cute you get a honey stick with it and I think that makes the product so cute. I would love to try this in the bath!!!
Laura Mercier’s Honey Bath

5.DKNY Be Delicious.
I smelt this in Boots and it was such a sweet, fresh scent. I love the Apple one and the red one. I keep meaning to try and buy one but end up forgetting or smelling other perfumes if I am in a perfume shop. It would be a scent to wear in the day or when you got out of the shower. Its that clean fresh scent, that makes me want it so much!!
DKNY Be Delicious.

6.Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado
I really want a new eye cream and I have been hearing about this for so long. It says its gentle and creamy and helps the eye area become moisturized. It is pricey so I don't think I will buy ASAP but its hanging on my wish list.
Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado

7.A new eye lash curler.
I am not picky on eye lash curlers, I pick up the cheapest one. I don't care about what brand its from speaking of brands I saw in a magazine a eye lash curler from Bobbi Brown £20.00 :O I would not pay £20 for an eye lash curler. Anyway back on subject I am in need of a new eye lash curler since mine is going rusty and I am noticing it grabs my eyelashes so much. ( ouchy) 
eye lash curler.

8.Benefit Hoola Bronzer Powder 
This looks like the perfect bronzer. I have seen good reviews about this bronzer. Wanted for a long time I'm going to have to get it soon!! 
Benefit Hoola Bronzer Powder

9.Too face chocolate soleil bronzer
This is one of the bronzers all girls have to have. Its chocolate scented and you can smell it when you apply it. Its meant to be a great bronzer too. Come on its for Chockaholics like myself!!
Too face chocolate soleil bronzer

10. Mac Eyeshadows...
  • chocolate brown
  • sketch
  • satellite dreams
  • Hepcat  

So I will leave my list there otherwise you will be reading for hours... 
I hope you enjoyed this and had a good read!
comment and tell me what is on your wish list.
Makeup with Kimmy ❤ xo

  1. I have the Nude 'Tude palette and the Hoola bronzer! Both are amazing products that I hope you can get your hands on soon! So worth it xo

    1. Thank you. Oh that is good to hear so they are not a waste of money! I hope I can get my hands on them soon. xo

  2. I've tried that Kiehl's eye cream, it is very hydrating, I love it! And I can't live without eye lash curlers, by lashes are non existent without them! Just started following you. xx

    1. Aw I really want the eye cream! sounds just what Im looking for. Aw thanks for the follow xx

  3. Not tried any of those products but very nearly got the Hoola bronzer on the plane from my hols, but then changed my mind, it looks good and now I regret not getting it.

    1. Oh CAROL! you should of got it hehe! xxx it sounds the best bronzer xx

  4. I have the DKNY perfume and I'm head over heals about it.
    Followed :)
    New huge Sephora haul ♥

    1. its a gorgeous scent! Thank you xo

  5. ooh that thebalm palette looks amazing - i've just bought the stila in the light palette though, i need to go on an eyeshadow buying ban! xo

    1. It does look so pretty really want it. I have never tried any stilla products before! xx

  6. The dkny perfume is gorgeous - one of my all time favourite perfumes for autumn! It just reminds me of falling leaves etc, probably because it's apple season haha! Thanks for sending over your link after the #bbloggers chat hun xxx

    1. Ahh I need to grab it hehe!! Aw your welcome loves. its a lovely community thanks for checking my blog out! xox

  7. Hi, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out here, and send me your link in the comments when you have accepted, so I can see your answers to the questions. :) Tracey

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM! hope you enjoy your special day <3 love and hugs xxxxxxx


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